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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 3, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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a u.s. military plane crashed today in kazakhstan. there is no immediate word on casualties. computer sack stan hosts a u.s. base used for military members flying in and out of afghanistan also used for c135 tanker plains that refuel warplanes in flight. it's not clear what kind of plane was involved in the crash. a tough start to the commute for some. >> indeed. let's get over to elizabeth tracking a fatal accident on highway 24 in lafayette. >> big problems coming through contra costa county. some folks who work here were stuck in the backup westbound 24 approaching central lafayette exit. all lanes blocked. fatal accident, a wrong-way driver. all lanes are blocked westbound in the commute direction since about 1:30. use mount diablo to get back on the freeway.
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but in the meantime, expect delays. we have some areas of overnight roadwork including across the golden gate bridge. some lanes blocked this morning heading out of san francisco. so we'll have much more what's already shaping up to be a busy morning commute coming up. in the meantime, back to you guys. >> thank you. now to some breaking news in southern california. two large wildfires have consumed thousands of acres and continue to burn this morning. this is the springs fire, the largest of the two fires that are burning in ventura county right now. here are the latest numbers. at least 8,000 acres have been torched. 25 homes have been damaged. flames broke out early yesterday morning. it reached the pacific coast highway, which was shut down twice yesterday. the fire is 10% contained right now. the fires are burning about 50 miles from l.a.
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the fire in the jurupa valley forced hundreds out of their homes. edward lawrence has the latest now on the firefight. >> reporter: the overnight hours brought little relief for firefighters battling the springs fire near camarillo. the blaze burned thousands of acres and is still growing. >> it's getting close. >> we are hoping everything will be okay. >> reporter: strong winds are pushing the flames which have now celled a ridge and made its way down to the famed pacific coast highway. >> the fire is a good natural fire break and obviously the ocean. what we want people to do is recognize there are evacuation orders. >> reporter: thousands have been evacuated as firefighters set backfires, clear out brush and try to save homes. >> trying to get a buffer in so we have some defensible space to protect the homes. >> reporter: a storage tank of toxic pesticides exploded when the fire overtook a farm. officials issued an air quality warning and evacuated the area.
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it took hazmat crews several hours to bring the threat from the burning chemicals under control. california is giving firefighters here at the camarillo command center resources to put out the fire and save homes but this isn't the only fire in the state right now. >> now we're looking at the living room. >> reporter: at least two homes were destroyed in a blaze near banning, california, in riverside county. that fire has been burning for two days and is at 40% containment. >> i think we may be looking at a significant fire season. >> reporter: the lack of rain and snow this winter combined with an early appearance of those santa ana winds means it's likely to be a long season for firefighters. edward lawrence for cbs news, camarillo, california. >> and more than 1,000 firefighters are battling those fires in southern california. we want to update you on that situation in lafayette. all lanes have been opened on the westbound 24 now. they cleaned up that accident. so if you are commuting in, you will be in good shape. a warning today for people who have respiration problems.
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health officials warn them to stay indoors until the air clears because of the smoky haze over the bay area. it's flowing in from a number of wildfires just north of here. but it's not blowing out very quickly. so you do want to be careful on that. let's check with our meteorologist now, lawrence karnow, on what's a pretty busy day all the way around. >> i think so. it's going to be another hot day again in spots. we'll start to see some changes. the sea breeze may clean things up. we'll see more of that in the coming days. out the door this morning, we have nice clear skies. some very mild temperatures early on. 63 in san rafael and vallejo, 60 san jose, and 59 in san francisco. but a cool 49 degrees in pacifica. high pressure overhead but beginning to weaken just a bit. so we are going to see a return of a sea breeze earlier for today. of course, yesterday, it was beautiful all the way to the beaches, even temperatures in the 80s right out at the water's edge. several records set yesterday. today we are going to be close in spots but a little cooler this afternoon. about 92 degrees still hot in livermore, about 90 concord.
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should be about 75 degrees in san francisco. that's where you're going to feel the cooling first, just inside the bay and at the coastline. it will take a couple more days for the rest of the bay area to cool down. we'll have more coming up. >> thank you. san jose firefighters have spent the night watching over what's left of a recycling facility on east alma avenue. they are keeping newspaper and cardboard from flaring up. the plant caught fire at about 6:00 last night. it took nearly 4 hours to get the fire out. no word on the cause. no injuries. a woman accused of planting tainted bottles of juice at a south san jose starbucks is out of jail. prosecutors say ramineh behbehanian could still be charged. the fire department has determined the juice contained rubbing alcohol which could lead to an attempted murder charge. but the district attorney's office says formal tests are not complete yet. so there is no evidence right now to legally detain the
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suspect any longer. >> that's just horrible. it scarce the crap out of me because what if she does it again here? >> behbehanian was arrested on monday night. police tracked her down by a license plate number written down by a worker at the snell avenue starbucks in san jose. a woman who says she may have seen a child killer in the foothills has recanted her story. she had reported seeing a man running from leila fowler's house in valley springs just before the 8-year-old was found stabbed to death on saturday. but now she has recanted. >> as of now, it has become clear that this witness is no longer credible. we are unaware of what her mindset is. she hasn't explained to us why she acted the way she did. >> investigators now say it's unlikely a placerville kidnapping suspect had anything to do with leila's death. sheriff's deputies are urging people in santa cruz county to be on the lookout for
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a fugitive assault suspect. dimitri storm is believed to be hiding out in the santa cruz mountains or in the san lorenzo valley. he is suspected in a rash of crimes in santa cruz, monterey and sonoma counties. people should not approach storm, who is considered armed and dangerous. investigators say he has mental health problems and he may believe he is a police officer. the golden state warriors advance in the nba play-offs. >> the warriors are going to the second round! >> the first half belonged to the denver nuggets. but steph curry picked it up after the break. he had 22 points in the 3rd quarter. the warriors built an 18-point lead before the nuggets rallied. but golden state hung on to win 92-88. a close game. and they take the series in six games. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is at oracle arena this morning, where i'm sure fans had a wild celebration, cate. >> reporter: yes. i'm pretty sure they did. and they will wake up just as
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excited this morning because for the second time in 22 years, the bay area's only nba team will be advancing to the second round. and as you heard, fans were beside themselves. [ screaming ] get a look at the celebration last night. warriors fans incredibly proud of the dedication their team showed last night. it was a sold-out crowd here at oracle as the gold confetti filled the air and fans say, bring on the next round. >> we're talking warriors, we're talking -- come on -- [ screaming ] >> reporter: only 8 nba teams have come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a best of 7 post- season series. warriors coach marc jackson says this is not getting to his team's head. >> that's a special group. and i look away when i read comments by my guys, never
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disrespectful, never pointing the finger at themselves, never, arrogant or cocky, always saying the right things. this is the greatest group of men as far as a team that i have ever been around or seen in my life. >> reporter: the nba did fine jackson $25,000 for comments he made after game 5 claiming the nuggets had, quote, hit men and took cheap shots at point guard steph curry. the nba says this was an attempt to influence the officiating. but who knows if this will affect the high from last night. the fans and players are hopeful as the warriors will take on the spurs next monday. reporting live from oakland, cate caugiran, back to you. >> cate, now we have to focus on the spurs. so how did they do in the first round? >> reporter: well, you know, we have some tough competition because we know that the spurs swept the lakers in four games. so it's going to be tough. but, you know, i'm sure a lot of fans and a lot of teammates are hopeful that they can take them on. >> all right.
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we'll see what happens. cate caugiran at oracle arena, thank you. and while warriors fans were cheering on the team, the team was cheering on aaron hern. aaron is the 6th grader from martinez who was wounded in the boston bombings. he spent more than a week in the hospital in boston. he and his family return home this week. look at that. he was at the game. >> of course. >> yeah. >> how cool is that? very, very nice. time now is 4:40. coming up, another state approves gay marriage. >> plus, the boston bomb plot has been set for july 4. the surprising reason why the alleged plans were changed. >> new technology taking fright in the bay area. unique claim -- new technology taking flight in the bay area. unique claims for the journey. >> what reese witherspoon had to say to an officer as he put her in handcuffs coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crew... makes a life-saving delivery. the team flew nearly one thousand miles fm a california coast guard air crew makes a life-saving
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delivery. the team flew nearly 1,000 miles from the sacramento air station to drop a container of blood to a cruise ship west of san francisco. the coast guard says a woman on board was suffering from internal bleeding. that woman will be monitored until the ship finally reaches port up in vancouver. >> time now 4:43. let's check the weather. we are hoping things cool down a bit. >> yeah. you know, it's nice to have that heat. i think it feels pretty good. but day after day can get to be too much. today a sea breeze kicks in. so some spots will cool, others stay hot. mild in many spots right now. kick off the day, temperatures into the 60s inland. inside the bay 40s at the coastline but clear skies for everybody right now. as we look toward the afternoon. still hot inland in the upper 80s, low 90s inside the bay. some milder temperatures mainly in the 70s a few 80s at the bay. at the coastline, sunshine and cooler, mainly into the 60s. high pressure, we had the peak
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of the heat yesterday. now we're going to start to see some slow cooling and eventually this low right here doesn't look like much. it's not going to be. it's going to drop back into the bay area and finally cool us down with more clouds. looks like a milder afternoon. the sea breeze going to kick in. the temperatures going to start to drop off by the coastline and just inside the bay. numbers, though, heating up in a hurry again. about 90 degrees in morgan hill. 88 degrees in san jose. out along the coastline, though, a much cooler 68 degrees in pacifica. 84 in hayward. temperatures soaring into the 90s in many spots inland. about 90 in dublin. 91 in walnut creek. and 86 in vallejo. as you get inside the bay, you'll feel that sea breeze kick in later in the afternoon cooling down the temperatures. san francisco's number going to be tricky. right now 75 degrees. about 67 degrees in daly city. and about 86 in santa rosa. hey, we have a ballgame tonight. if you want to go check it out, we have the dodgers in town. they are playing the giants. mostly clear, 7:15, game time
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temperature about 65 degrees. around the bay area this weekend those temperatures cooling off. more clouds on the way. back to average as we head into monday and tuesday with a slight chance of some sprinkles. let's check the roads now with elizabeth. >> okay. updating you on that situation in lafayette, you may have heard frank mention they reopened all lanes westbound 24. we were closely watching a fatal accident that for nearly 3 hours had all lanes of westbound 4 shut down at the central lafayette exit. caused some good sized backups and a detour. right around 4:30 around the time we got on air they reopened lanes. as you can see from our sensors, it did not take long for things to improve. no longer seeing any yellow sensors coming out of walnut creek so everything is back to normal now after that fatal crash. let's go outside and show you what is going on. some overnight roadwork, bay bridge they have a couple of the toll lanes blocked approaching the pay gates. so just a heads up. obviously, at this time of the morning, it's not causing much of an issue heading into san francisco. but if you are traveling across the golden gate bridge in our
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last traffic report about 10 or 15 minutes ago, we could see some lanes change crews out there and some roadwork crews as well blocking two of the northbound lanes across the deck. that was scheduled until about 5:00 this morning. so they are beginning the clean- up process now. and a little farther north, northbound 101 approaching the waldo tunnel, for lanes blocked scheduled until about 5:00. a look out in the east bay the 880 nimitz, approaching 66, no delay near the coliseum. that's a check of traffic. back to you guys. >> all right, elizabeth. thank you. this morning, an innovative solar powered airplane is set to leave silicon valley for its first-ever cross-country trip. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec joins us now from moffett field, where departure time i guess is fast approaching. >> reporter: that's right, it is 6 a.m. i'm here on the runway at moffett field right now and you can see this plane behind me kind of weird looking, very small body and very long wingspan. now, it is so lightweight that it can't take off in windy
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conditions. so the weather is calm here right now. again, it set to take off in less than two hours, actually about an hour and 15 minutes, 6 a.m. it's called solar impulse. it gets all its energy from 12,000 solar cells on its massive wings. it comes from switzerland. that plane took a 16-hour trip around the bay area yesterday as a final test run. and this morning, it is taking off for phoenix, a 19-hour flight. the first leg of a cross- country journey ends in new york in july. and traveling at an average speed of 35 miles per hour, it's going to take several weeks. it's going to stop for four long layovers along the way as well to raise awareness about renewable energy. >> if all the technologies we have in solar impulse were used everywhere in the world, the world could divide by two its energy consumption and produce half of its needs with renewable sources. >> reporter: now, the solar cells gather enough power during the day -- [ signal
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breakup [ no audio ] >> and we were having difficulties with ann there. but she was talking about this plane. the solar impulse weighs only 3500 pounds. it has one pilot and more than 12,000 solar cells, which convert sunlight into battery power. pretty cool. >> it is 4:48 now. president obama's visit to mexico will continue today as he addresses college students in their capital of mexico city. yesterday, he met with the mexican president enrique pena nieto. they discussed the economy, u.s. immigration reform plans an efforts to curb drug trafficking and organized crime. later today, mr. obama will head to costa rica for talks with central american leaders. in bangladesh bodies are continued to be pulled from the collapsed factory building. the death toll is now more than 500. more than 100 people are still missing, as well. investigators say the
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building's engineer helped the building owner illegally add three more floors to what was licensed only as a five-story structure. both men are now facing charges. boston bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev has reportedly told investigators he and his brother tamerlan originally planned the attack for the 4th of july. a law enforcement official told cbs news tsarnaev said the date of the plan was moved up when the brothers finished building the bombs sooner than expected. meanwhile, coroner officials released tamerlin tsarnaev's body to his family yesterday. a difficult task lies ahead for leaders in newtown, connecticut. what to do with the sandy hook elementary school campus. a gunman killed 20 children and six teachers last december. a board of 28 elected officials is scheduled to meet today and may vote on a recommendation. there are two likely choices: renovating or rebuilding the school on the existing site, or building a new school on property nearby. 4:49 now. rhode island will become the
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tenth state to allow same-sex marriages. their governor cioffi signed the legislation yesterday shortly after the statehouse gave it final approval. same-sex marriage will be legal there beginning august 1. the april jobs report comes out less than an hour from now. most economists are predicting the labor department's report will show that 140,000 jobs were created last month. they think the unemployment rate will remain unchanged at 7.6%. and an encouraging report on new jobless claims drove the market higher. dow up 130, nasdaq up 41 closing at a 12.5-year high, and wall street will probably be up this afternoon. mortgage rates hit a record low according to freddie mac. the 15-year fixed rate 2.56% a new record. the rate on a 30-year loan fell to 3.35%. and that's .04 shy of the all-
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time low. so what do you do when your makeup doesn't deliver? well, an orthodox jewish woman is from new york and she is suing the maker. her religion prevents her from applying makeup on the sabbath so she applied land come's ultra 24-hour foundation before sundown on friday and expected it to be look flawless for 24 hours. but that didn't happen. so now she wants lancome to pay up. >> any smart woman knows that no matter how long-lasting it's supposed to be, it's not going to happen. >> i think a product should do what you say it should do. if it doesn't, would you sue the company? >> i would not sue the company. >> this lady s the woman is seeking unspecified damages from lancome and a corrected advertising campaign. lancome says it will contest the allegations in court. >> i think it depends on your skin, though, if it absorbs the makeup -- >> and if you're working out or what you're doing, that kind
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of thing. >> well. >> i'll never have such problems. 4:51. atlanta police have released the dashcam video of reese witherspoon behaving badly. this is video of her husband's dui last month. check her throwing out her hollywood weight. >> are you kidding me? >> no. i told you. >> i'm an american citizen. >> i told you get in that car and stay in there. >> i have done nothing against the law. i'm now being arrested and handcuffed? >> yup. >> do you know my name, sir? you're about to find out who i am. >> atlanta police cuffed the actress after she ignored orders to stay in her car. she has since apologized and admitted the couple had too much to drink that night. >> yeah. that happens. >> say so. >> okay. well, it's 4:42 now -- or 4:52. talk about a man of action. why this bay area guy decided to put up his very own street signs. also ahead -- >> most likely, this guy probably dug, was out in the yard, dug under a fence and then escaped that way.
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>> why this tortoise is at the center of a very unusual bay area mystery.
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hot in some spots. we'll talk about that coming up. >> overnight roadwork across the golden gate and the bay bridge being picked up. but overall traffic is moving well across your bay area bridges. coming up, a check of mass transit in just a few minutes. >> thank you. being stuck behind a driver slowing down to check out the views doesn't just test your patience. it can be dangerous. that happens all the time near muir beach. state law requires drivers to use turnouts if they are slowing at least 5 others down
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but there aren't any signs along the highway warning people of that. so after years of complaints, 79-year-old jerry perleman who lives in muir beach took matters into his own hands. he made three signs and posted them along the highway. >> so begins the story of frustration, a year and a half of talking with them, e-mailing them, phoning them. you know, i'm getting old. i can't wait forever for these things. and it is a public safety matter. >> caltrans told jerry the signs have finally been ordered and the official ones will soon replace his homemade signs. i guess whatever works. >> hey, what the heck. got to take care of yourself. 4:56 now. animal control is trying to find the owner of a tortoise discovered wandering in san francisco. it was sunday that the 26-pound african spurred tortoise was found in the middle of campbell street. looks hungry there. the tortoise is slower than san francisco traffic.
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so experts can only speculate how he got away. >> most likely he was out in a yard, dug out from under a fence and escaped that way. >> animal control estimates the tortoise is about 15 years old. they can live to be 100 with a maximum weight of more than 200 pounds. animal control has your tortoise if you lost one and they are going to hold on to him until someone claims him. he looks healthy. >> yeah. they move slow. escaping is funny. breaking news from southern california. what residents are doing as wildfires creep closer. >> a killer cocktail orange juice mixed with rubbing alcohol. why the woman accused of planting it at a san jose starbucks is now free. >> reporter: next stop, san antonio! the golden state warriors win game 6 and are advancing to the second round. we'll show you highlights from the game and hear coach mark
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jackson's take on point -- on point guard steph curry.
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through southern california. what crews can expect from >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald stay until i know that my house is still here. >> as far as our family and dogs are safe, we can get through this. >> acre after acre, wildfires tear through southern california. what crews can expect today. >> record heat yesterday. will we get close to that today? what about the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and some of your overnight roadwork is out there but a lot of it is clearing. check out your east bay drive times. looking good on this friday morning. we'll have much more traffic coming up. and the golden state warriors win game 6 and are off to san antonio. we'll have game highlights and fan reaction. >> good morning. it's friday, may 3. i'm michelle griego. >> friday is finally here. hi, everyone. i'm frank


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